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Why Invest in Real Estate during Lockdown is the Right

Conventional wisdom will drive you away from even thinking about taking that risk. These are not normal times. The entire country is tightly packed in a blocking scenario, with a pandemic spreading its tentacles slowly and steadily. This is not the time to sting words, as all the facts appear on the news channels and proliferate on the Internet. Yes, the situation is critical, which is evident in the locks that get grace. Here is the question. Are you going to relax on your sofa, savor your Dalgona coffee, watch Netflix and wait for the closure to end? Or sign up and take advantage of this timely situation to find gold. Friends, you don’t need a kaleidoscope to see that real estate is the best bet, even in these tough times. For a smart investor, invest in real estate during lockdown is the smartest move.

invest during lockdown

Invest During Lockdown

The prices of Property are at their lowest point in most cities in the last three quarters. With stable pricing, a plethora of A-list deals from various developers, and a reduction in RBI repo rates, it can’t be a better opportunity than this. So hit him… and hit him hard in hot weather. And you will get the potential benefits of this investment in the coming years. You must be thinking that it is much safer to invest in SIP or stocks or for the record, mutual funds. Well, the ongoing pandemic has crippled stock markets and eroded investors’ overall wealth. Faith in stocks, gold, and mutual funds has been on the decline. Given the more volatile nature of these assets, real estate has become the safest bet, if they remain invested for the long term.

Security for the Future – The pandemic has rightly taught us a lesson that uncertainties come like lightning from nowhere. And that a passive income is needed to generate wealth. The free fall of stocks and gold prices further reinforces the fact that real estate is a stable asset. With property price fixes in multiple micro markets and developers offering attractive deals during the closing, it is the best time to invest in a property, considering the rental income and price appreciation benefits you will enjoy long term.

invest in real estate

Invest in Real Estate

Traditional Assets Losing Credibility – For time immemorial, gold had been a valuable asset to Indian families due to its high degree of flexibility. Gold can be purchased even for a few grams and is easy to sell and recoup your investment. However, the recent depreciation in prices has robbed the shine of the yellow metal. What was considered a safe and stable investment, even in difficult times, is now considered a dead asset? For serious investors, the real estate sector is now the most viable option, as it is safe even from economic shocks.

Reduction in Repo Rates – The recent reduction in repurchase rates by 75% has reduced mortgage loan rates by 0.75%. With cheaper home loan rates, the scales have tipped in favor of home buyers. So if you are hoping for better home loan rates to invest in your home, nothing can be better than this.

real estate during lockdown

Real Estate during Lockdown

Providing Regular Income – Unlike gold and stocks, the real estate sector is a tangible asset and is not as sensitive to economic fluctuations. Investors prefer real estate because it provides them with a regular income in the form of rent, security, and safety and solid appreciation value. The income generated by a real estate property in the form of rent is perennial and is encouraged by the inflation rate. Stocks, on the other hand, are extremely volatile assets and carry serious risks of wiping out billions of dollars in a matter of hours.

So if you are looking to get the most out of it in the future, now is the time to invest… and invest in real estate. With virtual reality and 3D technology, home seekers can enjoy an immersive tour of properties from the comfort of their sofa; And with digital transactions and signatures, the buying cycle is smoother than ever. Remember, an investment in real estate and the inherent benefit it brings is hard to beat with conventional assets. And it will remain you are lucky charm forever.

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