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Advantages of Placing Tortoise Figurine in Your Home

People who believe in Vastu Shartra are well aware of the various benefits offered. Vastu Shastra is a science that practices for centuries in various parts of the world. This is a set of principles that help live in harmony and prosperity in residence or work. Here are some advantages of placing Tortoise figurine in home, briefly explained by home Vastu expert.

Vastu Shastra also includes several animal statues and considers them lucky and encourages keeping this at home or office to increase energy and positive wealth.

Among these animals, statues are figurine turtles that are famous for the positive effects and quality of fulfillment of desire. Apart from several studies of turtles, black turtles are considered a spiritual creature that helps improve their ponytails at home and indicate longevity. However, the placement of animal statues is as important as the animal figurine itself. Below are some guidelines on the placement and the allowance of the turtle…

Various Types of Turtle Figurines

Tortoise sculptures are available in several types in the online and offline markets. Various types of turtle figurines including metal, stone, crystals, wood, etc. It is also available in various colors, designs, and patterns and is available at very reasonable prices on various online websites. The turtle statues are not only good from the viewpoint of Vastu, but these statues also add to your home decor. As Turtle Figurines have the power to eliminate the bad vibes and the effect of bad waste of your home. We as a top builder in jaipur, build our all projects as per Vastu Shastra as your happiness is very important for us.


There are several areas that you can place a turtle figurine from the entrance, backyard, near artificial waterfalls, etc., in your home, and are measured very fortunate and blessed. By placing turtle figurines in such areas, you can help eliminate negative energy and stabilize positive energy in your environment. Placing the turtle figurine next to your bed provides assistance from anxiety and insomnia. Not only Tortoise figurine, so many plants also help you to build positive environment in your home or offices. As they have the power to eliminate the negative energy. Here are some plants which bring positivity and money.

However, someone should not place a turtle figurine in the bathroom or kitchen because it is not ideal.


Along with the placement of the turtle figurine, the direction of the turtle statues provides many benefits. Various types of turtles are needed to be placed in various positions to fully reap the benefits. The metal turtle statue is most suitable for North or northeast directly, while, the stone turtle statue must be stored in the west. Likewise, the crystal turtle figurine is ideal for southwest and timber for the east.

Benefits of Figurine Tortoise

There are several benefits of placing turtle figurines in your home or workplace. Tortoise Figurine helps in career growth and is known to help fulfill desires. For career growth, make sure you choose a black turtle figurine or a metal statue with Chinese coins in his mouth and place it in your living room. The coins placed in the mouth of the turtle figurine indicate income growth. Another way to help improve your career with the turtle figurine…

To fulfill the desire, you need to buy a metal turtle figurine that can open, and then write your wishes on a yellow paper, you can place it in the turtle. Position the turtle figurine on a piece of red cloth in the direction you can see every day. After your desire is fulfilled, remove the metal turtle figurine from a red cloth.

The guidelines discussed above for the placement of Figurine Turtle will help you bring positive energy to your home and help your career grow too. Figurine turtle is the best for the protection and stability of your household. Various types of turtle statues affect various energy; therefore, make sure to choose which meet your needs and needs. Some Vastu Shastra service providers also offer great insight into the placement and benefits from different animal statues at home or workplace.

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