Difference Between Saleable Area And Carpet Area



Carpet Area: This is the actual usable area within the walls of an apartment, excluding the thickness of the inner walls. Essentially, it's the area where you can lay a carpet.


Saleable Area: This includes the carpet area plus a proportionate share of common areas such as lobbies, staircases, elevators, and other amenities.


Carpet Area: Measured from wall to wall within the apartment. It does not include the thickness of the outer walls, balconies, or any common spaces.


Saleable Area: Includes the carpet area, the thickness of outer walls, and a share of common areas. It is often referred to as the "built-up area" plus the common areas.


Carpet Area: Indicates the actual living space available to the buyer or tenant.


Saleable Area: Used by builders and developers to calculate the price of the property, as it includes the total area for which the buyer is being charged.


Carpet Area:  Pricing based on carpet area provides a clear understanding of the actual usable space within the apartment.


Saleable Area: Pricing based on saleable area often appears higher as it includes the share of common areas, which may lead to confusion regarding the actual usable space.


Carpet Area:  In some countries, regulatory bodies mandate that builders must disclose the carpet area to provide transparency to buyers.

Legal Regulations

Saleable Area: Often used in marketing and sales materials by builders, but may not always be regulated or standardized, leading to variations in how it's calculated.

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