Difference between Carpet Area, Built Up Area, and Super Built Up Area

Carpet Area

Carpet area refers to the actual usable floor area within the walls of an apartment or building. It is the area on which you can place a carpet or any other flooring material. It includes the area of all rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. However, it does not include the thickness of the inner walls. Carpet area is the most important measure for an individual buyer, as it represents the actual space they will have within the unit.

Built-up Area

Built-up area is the carpet area plus the area occupied by the walls of the apartment or building. It includes the carpet area as well as the thickness of the inner walls. In addition, it may also include areas such as balconies, utility areas, and other enclosed spaces. Built-up area provides an estimation of the total floor area, including the space taken up by the walls.

Super Built-up Area

Super built-up area is the sum of the built-up area plus a proportionate share of common areas such as the lobby, staircases, corridors, lifts, and other shared amenities in a residential or commercial project. It is also known as the saleable area or the built-up area plus common areas. Super built-up area takes into account the proportionate share of the overall development, including the common spaces used by all residents or occupants.