Top 10 Vastu Tips for Home

Main Entrance --------------------

Home should ideally be in the north, northeast, or east direction to allow positive energy to flow in. Avoid south-facing entrances homes.

 Living Room --------------------

living room in the north or east part of the flat. Ensure it's well-lit and clutter-free for positive energy circulation

 Bedroom --------------------

The master bedroom is best located in the southwest corner of the flat. Other bedrooms can be placed in the south or west sectors

 Kitchen --------------------

kitchen in the southeast corner of the flat. This direction aligns with the fire element, suitable for cooking activities

 Wall Colors --------------------

Choose light, soothing colors for the flat's interiors. Earthy tones, pastels, and whites are generally preferred for creating a balanced atmosphere.

Natural Light and Ventilation --------------------

Ensure proper natural light and ventilation in all rooms. Good airflow contributes to a positive energy flow

Clutter-Free Spaces --------------------

Keep your flat organized and clutter-free to facilitate a smooth energy flow and a peaceful ambiance

Mirrors Placement --------------------

Place mirrors on the north or east walls. Avoid placing them directly facing the bed or the main entrance

Balconies and Windows --------------------

Maintain clean and open balconies and windows. These areas serve as outlets for energy circulation

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