Things You Should Not Keep In Your Bathroom


Bathrooms tend to have fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, which can degrade medications faster. It's better to store medications in a cool, dry place.


Electronics such as hairdryers, straighteners, or electric shavers should be kept away from water sources to prevent electrical hazards.


Exposing makeup to high humidity levels in the bathroom can cause it to degrade faster. Store makeup in a cool, dry place.


Keep toothbrushes away from the toilet area to prevent contamination from airborne particles when flushing.


Jewelry can tarnish more quickly when exposed to moisture and chemicals commonly found in bathrooms. Store jewelry in a dry area.

Important Documents

Moisture in bathrooms can damage paper documents, so it's best to keep important papers like passports, certificates, or receipts in a different location.


Placing candles near water sources poses a fire hazard. It's safer to enjoy candles in other areas of the home.

Expensive or Delicate Items

Items made of delicate materials like silk or leather can be damaged by moisture and should be stored elsewhere.

Open Containers of Skincare Products

Moisture and heat can cause skincare products to degrade faster. Keep them tightly sealed and away from direct sources of humidity.