Keep This Things in Bedroom To Improve Relationship: Vastu Tips

Place the bed in the southwest corner of the bedroom. This is believed to promote stability and grounding in relationships.

Bed  Placement

Keep mirrors out of the bedroom, especially facing the bed. Mirrors are thought to disrupt the tranquility of the space and may lead to conflicts in relationships.

Avoid  Mirrors

Keep the bedroom neat and clutter-free. Clutter can cause stress and tension, which can negatively affect relationships.


Use soft, soothing lighting in the bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to intimacy and connection.

Soft Lighting

Choose calming, neutral colors for the bedroom walls and décor. Avoid loud or jarring colors that may disrupt the harmony of the space.


Ensure a balance of masculine and feminine energies in the bedroom. This can be achieved through the use of balanced décor and furnishings.

Balance  Yin and Yang

Minimize electronic devices in the bedroom, especially near the bed. Electronics can interfere with sleep and intimacy.

Remove  Electronics

Keep the bedroom well-ventilated and ensure good airflow. Fresh air can promote a sense of well-being and positivity in the space.

Fresh Air

Choose artwork or decorations that depict love, harmony, and positivity. Avoid images that are negative or depict conflict.


Add a few plants to the bedroom to bring in natural energy and purify the air. Choose plants with rounded leaves for a softer, more nurturing energy.


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