Documents to Verify Before Buying a Flat


Real Estate Jaipur

Title Deed (Sale Deed)

Document 1

Purpose: Confirms ownership and transfer of the property from the seller to you. – Details to Check: Ensure that the title is clear, the seller has full ownership rights, and there are no disputes or legal issues.

Encumbrance Certificate

Document 2

Purpose: Provides proof that the property is free from any legal or financial liabilities such as mortgages, unpaid loans, or other encumbrances. – Details to Check: Obtain it from the sub-registrar’s office for a period of at least 13-30 years to verify the property is free from encumbrances.

Approved Building Plan

Document 3

Purpose: Ensures that the construction of the building complies with the legal requirements and building regulations. – Details to Check: Verify the plan is sanctioned by the local municipal authorities and matches the actual layout of the property.

Occupancy Certificate (OC)

Document 4

Purpose: Certifies that the construction is complete and the building is fit for occupancy. – Details to Check: Issued by the local municipal authority after inspecting the building’s compliance with safety norms and regulations.

Property Tax Receipts

Document 5

Purpose: Proof that the property tax has been paid by the current owner to the municipal corporation. – Details to Check: Verify receipts for the past few years to ensure there are no outstanding dues.

No Objection Certificates (NOCs)

Document 6

Purpose: Ensures there are no objections from relevant authorities or organizations regarding the sale of the property. – Details to Check: Obtain NOCs from various departments like fire, water, electricity, and pollution control, as required.

Completion Certificate

Document 7

Purpose: Indicates that the construction of the building is complete as per the approved building plan and local laws. – Details to Check: Issued by the municipal authorities, ensuring all the necessary inspections have been completed.

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