5 DIY Lamps for Diwali Decoration

Materials: Mason jars, paint, paintbrushes, tea lights or LED candles Instructions: Clean and dry the mason jars. Paint intricate designs or patterns on the jars, incorporating Diwali motifs like diyas or rangoli patterns. Allow the paint to dry completely. Place tea lights or LED candles inside the painted mason jars to create a warm and glowing ambiance.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Materials: Glass candle holders or votives, henna cones, tea lights, or LED candles Instructions: Use henna paste to draw beautiful and intricate designs on the glass candle holders. Allow the henna to dry and set. Insert tea lights or LED candles into the holders, and the henna designs will cast beautiful shadows when lit.

Henna Candle Holders

Paper Cup Fairy  Lights

Materials: Paper cups, string lights, craft knife, colored markers Instructions: Cut intricate patterns or designs into the sides of the paper cups using a craft knife. Use colored markers to decorate the cups further. Insert the string lights into the cups, making sure each light shines through the cutouts, creating a magical effect.

Wine Glass Tealight Centerpieces

Materials: Wine glasses, tea lights, acrylic paint, brushes Instructions: Paint intricate and colorful designs on the wine glasses, incorporating Diwali themes. Allow the paint to dry completely. Turn the wine glasses upside down and place tea lights on the bases. When lit, the designs will illuminate beautifully.

Origami Paper  Lanterns

Materials: Colored origami paper, tea lights or LED candles Instructions: Fold the origami paper into lantern shapes. You can find various tutorials online for this. Secure the lanterns with glue or tape. Place tea lights or LED candles inside the lanterns and hang them around your home for a charming Diwali display.