West Facing House Vastu

Main Entrance Placement


The main entrance should ideally be placed in the northwest section of the house. This is believed to bring prosperity and positive energy. Avoid placing the entrance in the southwest, as it can lead to financial instability and health issues.

Living Room Location


The living room should be located in the north or east side of the house. These directions are considered auspicious and can enhance social connections and overall well-being.

Master Bedroom Position


The master bedroom should be in the southwest corner of the house. This placement is believed to bring stability and good health to the occupants. If the southwest is not available, the south or west directions are also suitable alternatives.

Kitchen Placement


The kitchen should ideally be in the southeast corner of the house, which is associated with the fire element. If this is not possible, the northwest corner is the next best option. Avoid placing the kitchen in the northeast or southwest corners, as it can cause health and financial problems.

Bathroom Location


Bathrooms should be located in the northwest or southeast part of the house. Avoid placing bathrooms in the northeast, southwest, or center of the house, as these placements can disrupt the energy flow and cause health issues.

Pooja Room (Prayer Room)


The pooja room should be situated in the northeast corner, which is considered the most sacred direction in Vastu. This placement helps in creating a peaceful and spiritual environment.

Windows and Ventilation


1. Ensure there are ample windows on the north and east sides of the house to allow for the entry of natural light and fresh air. Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining good energy flow and promoting health and prosperity.

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